A downloadable amazing experience for Windows

A game made is 29 hours (28 hours if you count that we mysteriously lost an hour overnight) for JumpJam at the National Videogame Arcade! You play as a mysterious hero with a mysterious past and even more mysterious anatomy, and you must jump of the heads of bees. Where do they go when they fall? Who knows? It's up to you. (Technically speaking, the instance of the bee is removed when it falls out of sight.)

This game was programmed by Sam in GameMaker, and the art, concepts, and everything else was done by Jeff. (Apart from the sound and some concepts, which were by Sam. Apart from the music and some of the other concepts, which were by Jeff.)

Enjoy the bees.

Install instructions

If you download the installer, run it and it will be installed on your computer with a fancy desktop shortcut. If you download the zip, unzip it however you please, then run Dragon Drop.exe. Dragon Drop was the original name before we decided against that, as currently there are no dragons in our game.


Oh, Beehive! Installer 13 MB
Oh, Beehive! (Zipped Version) 13 MB